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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002

Added a small FS2002 page, with a few repainted textures, to <a href ="http://theronjacksononline.com">my site</a>.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Haunted Places

Deerfield, Ohio U.S.A.

The Deerfield Cemetery

this cemetery is located on the north side of Rt. 224 about 7 tenths of a mile east of the Deerfield Circle

Tombstones appeared to move when one note there position, then turn around, then turn back and notice the 'new' position. There was a mausoleum in the center of the cemetery, if one knocked on the door, a knock would be consistently returned (not an echo, it might take a few minutes). Vehicle engines have stalled for no obvious reason, and then can be quickly restarted. A nearby creek, just to the west, has appeared to run uphill after a heavy rain. This cemetery was reported to be a hang-out for local witches in the 1970's. Nighttime in this cemetery has been an interesting experience.

The Phantom Ohio Highway Patrol Cruiser

An 1970's phantom Ohio State Highway Patrol cruiser has been seen on numerous occasions patrolling Rt. 224 between Rt. 225 and the Deerfield Circle.

Legend has it that a Ohio State Highway Patrol officer was pursuing a vehicle north on Rt. 225 from Alliance. Nearing the intersection of Rt. 225 and Rt. 224 he observed that the suspect turned right onto Rt. 224, which the trooper then decided to cut through the mining company property, located at the corner, in an attempt to cut off (or at least gain ground on) the suspect vehicle. Unfortunately, this was a fatal mistake and the cruiser wrecked near the mines coal tipple, killing the officer.

Deerfield Circle

Note: not sure any of these houses are still there

The big white house; located across the street from the gas station, east of Rt. 14, just as you come off Deerfield Circle

On any night candle lights could be seen in all the windows. However the house was almost always abandoned. Upon checking to see if the house had any electric hooked up, it was discovered that the meter had been pulled.

The large brick house; across from the store at the corner of Rt.224 as you come into the Deerfield Circle

This house is another (of many in the area) which was abandoned more than occupied. Late one night I personally witnessed (while setting at the Bandstand) an owner who had been remodeling it for several weeks, run out of the house after hearing a loud bang come from the house. It obviously scared him so badly that he came out the side door so fast he leaped across the several steps up to the door. Once in his car he neglected to shut the driver door, which flew open as the car, tires squealing, careened around the corner onto Rt. 14. A few days later there was a realtors 'for sale' sign in the front of the house.

The large house; across from the Nemen's Store (which was at one time an old haunted elementary school), approx. 1 tenth of a mile west of Deerfield Circle

This house has several interesting aspects. Originally it was located on the circle and was an old hotel (actually brothel).

There was an upstairs bathroom where the sink, bathtub and floor were stained with what appeared to be a dark brown substance. Upon attempting to clean this off with a sponge and bucket full of water, the water in the bucket quickly turned into what appeared to be fresh blood. After successfully removing all but a very tiny amount of the stains from the room, we considered it a job well done. Unfortunately, the next day the stains were back almost as they were the day before, except cleaner and redder.

For some unknown reason the front door was nailed shut with over a dozen nails.

Rumor has it that there are various strange markings carved into the original siding (under the newer siding), pictures of which is supposed to be on file at the Portage County Historical Society in Ravenna.

The Woman in White

Well, it wouldn't be much of a haunted area without one of these.

Although never actually witnessing this myself. I have seen numerous tracks into the field the following mornings after truck drivers veered off a straight stretch of open road approx. 1 tenth of a mile south of the circle.

The story is they all see a woman in white; either standing in the road, or crossing in front of them, causing them to swerve into the open field to the east of the roadway. I'm not aware of any particular legend attached to this story.

Palmyra, Ohio U.S.A.

this very small cemetery is located on the west side of Rt. 225 somewhere between Yale Rd and Palmyra

The old rusty gate has swung open, on numerous occasions, as if to beckon entry, when walking or riding bicycles pass on the roadway.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

God's will: represented as an algeba equation?

Could God's will possibly be represented as an algeba equation:
a + b = c
a = human variable chosen
b = variable added by God
c = final outcome (God's will)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Outpost 7 has changed its name...

After about fifteen years the Outpost 7 moniker, most of which time being located at geocities.com, has officially bitten the dust. It has now became Theron Jackson Online. Most of the old music and game related files, and a few new ones, are still available for free download.

Taking this opportunity to thank all those who have supported the old site and invite everyone to visit the site, at it's new location, and post your comments here.

Am hoping to continue to provide "ineffectual distraction" for the masses.
TJ (a.k.a Lyle White)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

New instrumental rock album, now available

My new instrumental rock album; "Music from the Outpost" is now for sale in the U.S. on CD-R at the Jackson Records web site. Full-length (lo-fi) versions (as well as 20 second hi-fi samples) are also available for free listening. Give a listen, tell me what you think.

Musical groups and their "popularity"

Situation: Two equally talented bands are putting out music; band "A" and band "B". Band "A" is getting gobs of airplay and expose in the media, band "B" is not.

Theory: I don’t think "A" has to be any more talented or popular than "B". Simply that band "A" is receiving more exposure. Why (how)? Band "A" (or someone associated with "A") is spending more money for marketing and distribution; therefore more people are aware of "A". Once the money being spent on the marketing wanes, so does the "popularity".